HP Tuners MPVI2+ Interface

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Connect. It is an OBDII interface tool that connects VCM Suite to your vehicle's various control modules.

Read. Diagnose and clear trouble codes, monitor vehicle performance or read from your various vehicle control modules.

Edit. Optimize vehicle performance, fuel economy, and more.

Write. License and tune any vehicle currently supported by HP Tuners. Drive.

Note: The MPVI2+ does not include any pre-loaded tunes or calibrations.

  • MPVI2+
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0: iOS capability with TDN App
  • M8 Connector (4-pin): Motorsports grade, screw-on
  • 12x Faster USB-C: Improved connection speed (4 MB/s vs 330 KB/s)
  • RGB Led: Bluetooth Pairing and Device Status