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Halltech Hornet C8 Stingray Cold Air Intake

Halltech Hornet C8 Stingray Cold Air Intake

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Introducing the HALLTECH HORNET-518 ... Halltech's 2020 Corvette Stingray cold air intake.

  • Our direct CAI replacement requires no modifications and no tuning.
  • Dyno proven 17+ increase in horsepower and 25+ increase in torque.
  • The stainless backplate ensures all harness fasteners and the antenna are attached in their factory locations
  • You will reuse your stock t/b connector hose, pcv fitting, left and right inlet ducts, and mounting bolts
  • Our huge filter has nearly 1,000 square inches of filtration
  • Our molded-in velocity stack and reverse flow partition ensures laminar flow at the MAF sensor
  • Made from military grade XLPE
  • Patent pending
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