Using HP Tuners Tune Delivery Network (TDN)


Tune Delivery Network (TDN) is an online network built to receive and deliver tune files as well as manage their customers.

TDN is available for end users via the Android/iOS app.

TDN syncs with the RTD, RTD+, and RTD3 as well as MPVI2, MPVI2+, and MPVI3 interfaces. Using one of those devices, customers can retrieve and send stock read files, forward fault codes, scan and clear DTCs, and flash custom tune files back to their vehicle using the mobile TDN app.

TDN also allows customers to send their datalog files straight to their tuner. Say a customer receives a new tune file with some revisions. After flashing to the vehicle using their interface, customers can immediately datalog their vehicle and send that file directly to their tuner via the app.

CLICK HERE to view the latest instructions for the TDN app.