Reading File From Vehicle


1) Download the latest stable release of VCM Suite from the HP Tuners website.

NOTE: If using an RTD device, download and install the software HERE and complete all reading/flashing using that software instead of VCM Suite.

2) Connect your HP Tuners interface to the vehicle and your laptop via USB
3) Turn the key to the ON position, but do NOT start the vehicle. (Ford push button: press the start/stop button once. GM push button: press and hold the start/stop button for 5 seconds until the dash illuminates. Mopar push button: press the start/stop button twice, until it is in the RUN position). Ensure the vehicle battery is in good health and all accessories (radio, HVAC, etc) are turned off
4) Select Flash > Read Vehicle (you must not have a tune file currently open in the Editor to read the vehicle)

5) When the "Read Vehicle" popup appears, select "Read"

**DO NOT interrupt the read process once it has started or you will have to restart the procedure

6) Follow all on-screen prompts during the read process (some vehicles will ask you to cycle the ignition, wait a certain amount of time, etc)

7) Once the read has completed, a window will popup asking you to save the file. Give it a useful filename (e.g. "2013ChevyCamaro_JohnDoe_STOCK"), and take note of where you've saved the file.

8) After you save the file, you may turn the key off. Your tune file is now saved and ready to work with.