Datalogging Your Vehicle | HP Tuners

1) Open VCM Scanner
2) Connect HP Tuners interface to the vehicle and your laptop
3) Open the Channel config file provided under the "Channels" area

4) (Optional) Open the Layout file (if provided) using the toolbar

5) Turn the key ON but do not start the vehicle
6) Click the "Connect to Vehicle" button on the toolbar
7) Click on the red "Start Scanning" button on the toolbar
8) The VCM Scanner is now datalogging. Start the car, and drive it around to gather the necessary data
9) Once finished logging, click the blue "Stop Scanning" square in the toolbar
10) Select "Log File > Save Log File As" to save the data that was just recorded
11) Send that data to PowerLabs for review, along with any comments/requests you have on the vehicle's performance/driveability while the logging was occurring.