PowerLabs Remote Tune Package - Stage 1

PowerLabs Remote Tune Package - Stage 1

  • $550.00
    Unit price per 


With the HP Tuners RTD device, you can datalog, read, and write our custom tuning directly to your supported vehicle using a laptop or Android mobile device. 

You must submit a read of your stock file from your vehicle to tuning@powerlabstuning.com, as well as a completed Vehicle Build Sheet, when you are ready to redeem your tune purchase.

Tune purchases include 60 days of tune revisions from the date of your tune file delivery. Afterwards, there is a $50 fee for retuning, which resets the 60 day window.

Please contact PowerLabs with any questions regarding this process/purchase.

License Requirement

$50 per credit

    Tune price does NOT include credits necessary to license and tune your vehicle using HP Tuners software. Please find your application (engine and trans, if applicable) on the HP Tuners website HERE to determine required credits. 

    If you would like to purchase credits, you can add them HERE

      Transmission Tuning



      Tune Stages

      Stage 0

      Non-performance tuning

      • Speedometer calibration for different gear/tire size
      • Disabling trouble codes
      • Modifying features (AFM, VATS, etc)

      Stage 1

      Performance tuning for stock/bolt-on modifications

      • Cold air intake
      • Exhaust
      • Headers
      • Injectors
        • OEM
        • Injector Dynamics
        • Fuel Injector Clinic
        • Deatschwerks

      Stage 2

      Base tuning for internal modifications

      • Camshaft
      • Cylinder Heads (Aftermarket or port & polish)
      • Intake Manifold (aftermarket or ported)
      • Throttle Body (aftermarket or ported)

      Stage 3

      Base tuning for aftermarket/modified power adders

      • Procharger/Supercharger/Turbocharger
      • Nitrous (Wet Shot ONLY)
      • Aftermarket pulley on stock supercharger
      • Aftermarket/modified supercharger/turbocharger on factory boosted vehicle